Quacking job: Ducklings rescued from police station doorstep

The nine baby birds and their mum were found in the early hours outside Haddington police station.

Quacking job: Ducklings rescued from police station doorstep Police Scotland via SWNS

A family of ducklings were found outside a police station after getting lost in East Lothian.

The nine tiny birds and their mum were gathered at the back doorstep of the station in Haddington.

The discovery was a treat for officers returning from a nightshift, who snapped selfies with them.

Animal welfare chiefs then returned them to the River Tyne, Midlothian.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Nightshift officers returned to Haddington Police Station at the quack of dawn this morning to find these visitors at the back door.

“Aware that there had been some thefts during the night the officers interrogated them and found that they weren’t Robber-ducks.

“They were looked after until colleagues from the SSPCA arrived to take them safely back to the river.”

Mel Maitland, Scottish SPCA senior animal rescue officer said: “Ducks often nest in high places and then make their way down to ground level with their ducklings.

“We’re really grateful to our friends at East Lothian Police for looking out for the family of birds and giving us a call.

“Thankfully the ducks were all happy and healthy, just a bit lost, and I was able to release them safely nearby.”