Driver fined after police discover 'badly maintained' seatbelt

Officers said they 'couldn't believe' the state of the seatbelt.

Police Scotland fine Fife driver after ‘badly maintained’ seatbelt found Police Scotland

A driver has been fined after police discovered a broken seatbelt in a car.

Officers in Fife handed the driver £50 fixed penalty notice after they found a make-shift seat belt.

Road Policing Scotland said the force “couldn’t believe” the state of the safety device, which had been tied in a knot to keep it in place.

They tweeted: “Officers couldn’t believe it when they observed this driver wearing a badly maintained seat belt.

“The purpose of a seat belt is to prevent or reduce injury in a crash.

“The driver was issued a fixed penalty of £50.”

More information on seatbelts can be found here.

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