Retail park plans could see cinema, concert hall or sports venue built

The oldest section of Falkirk’s Central Retail Park will be given a new look, according to an application submitted to Falkirk Council.

Plans for Falkirk’s Central Retail Park could see new cinema, concert hall or sports venue built LDRS

Plans to revitalise Central Retail Park in Falkirk which could see the creation of a new cinema, concert hall or sports venue have been unveiled.

The oldest section of Falkirk retail park – a row of shops including Halfords, Currys and TK Maxx – will be given a new look, according to an application that has been submitted to Falkirk Council.

The application reveals that the current shopfronts “are unquestionably outdated and do not meet the demands of a modern retailer”.

It states: “This is particularly due to the small shopfronts and heavy canopy structure in front.

“Shoppers are faced with a heavy mass of red brick and plain clay tiles with unorthodox and poor-quality signage.”

The new facades will fit in with the design of the rest of the retail park, but the applications adds that “the development will hopefully set a benchmark for the remainder of the park to be uplifted at the appropriate time”.

In another proposed change, the retail park’s owners would like to change the use of the former Mothercare store in a bid to make it easier to find a new tenant for the unit.

The large store has not had a permanent occupant since Mothercare’s Falkirk store closed in January 2020.

Landlord Corona Vulcan Falkirk Limited – which bought the retail park last year – is now seeking planning permission for the change of use from class one to class 11 assembly and leisure use.

The application states that this change will give the landlord more options when it comes to finding a new tenant for the premises.

Guidance states that a class 11 use could be for a cinema; a concert hall; a bingo hall or casino; a dance hall or discotheque; or a swimming bath, skating rink, gymnasium or area for other indoor or outdoor sports or recreation, not involving motorised vehicles or firearms.

Recently, the retail park was given planning permission to install new planters.

The retail park’s newest tenant, the Food Warehouse, will open its doors on Tuesday at 8am.