Peperami to develop spray after snack ‘saved dog’s life’

The company intends to create a pork-scented mist called Puperami that will help lure missing dogs out of hiding.

Peperami to develop spray after snack ‘saved dog’s life’ Peperami / Sarah Adams

Peperami has announced it intends to develop a pork-scented spray to lure missing animals out from hiding after an Edinburgh couple said the snack “saved their dog’s life”.

Five-year-old Coco, a Pekingese cross, disappeared last week while out for a walk in Craigmillar Park with her owners, Sarah Adams and Declan Kemp.

Following two days of frantic searching, Ms Adams had begun to fear the worst when she came up with the idea to take some Peperami to the park in the hope Coco would smell it and start barking.

The scent worked and Coco’s whimpering was traced back to a hidden five-foot-deep sewage hole, which has since been covered by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service.

Ms Adams said the Peperami stick “saved my dog’s life”.

She added: “We are so happy to have Coco home.

“We spent two days frantically searching with no sleep. We really thought we wouldn’t get her back.”

Following Coco’s rescue, Peperami said it intends to create a pork-scented mist called Puperami: Eau De Lurette with the aim to help dog owners find their missing pets.

A spokesperson for Peperami said: “We’re thrilled to hear that Coco has been found safe and sound, thanks to the help of Peperami. 

“Although our pork snacks aren’t suitable to be digested by dogs, we’ve been inspired by the story and looking into how we can replicate the same smell of our original salami stick in spray form. 

“The Puperami: Eau de Lurette’ prototype will aim to help future dog-owners find their furry friends.”

In response to Peperami’s idea for a pork spray, Ms Adams said: “I love it – it’s a brilliant idea.

“Who knows how many dogs it will save in the future.”