‘Miraculous’ nobody hurt as cables cut at ex-radar station

Cutting into electricity cables carrying 11,000 volts was an "incredibly dangerous act", police said.

‘Miraculous’ nobody hurt as cables cut at ex-radar station Facebook

Would-be thieves cut into electrical cables carrying 11,000 volts at a former radar station in Kinross.

Some time before 4.30am on Tuesday, the now-inactive intercontinental ballistic missile early-warning radar building, known as the Golf Ball, was broken into.

Police said it was “miraculous” that no one was killed or seriously injured.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “As is the case with many buildings which are thought to be empty or disused, the cables were still live.

“These cables were carrying 11,000 volts, and it can only be described as miraculous that nobody was killed or seriously injured in carrying out this incredibly dangerous act.”

Police said nothing appeared to have been stolen, but the damage caused has been valued as “well into four figures”.

Anyone with information can call Police Scotland on 101, quoting the reference incident 0385 of January 19 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.