Man takes on 48-hour Mount Everest rope climb in garden

Kenny Simm plans to complete 8848m the height of Mount Everest from his garden.

Man takes on 48-hour Mount Everest rope climb in garden

A man has challenged himself to take on a rope climb – the height of Mount Everest – to raise money for the NHS.

Kenny Simm, 37, from Haddington, will spend 48 hours repeatedly abseiling down an 8-metre rope in his garden completing 8848 metres in total.

The mechanic , who served in the Royal Marines for ten years, aims to finish the task without any sleep.

The father-of-one said: “During these difficult times with lockdown and self isolation we take for granted just how lucky we are staying safe in our own homes with all the luxuries we have.

“I will be raising money for the NHS men and women who are risking their lives during this global pandemic.”

The NHS has been a big part of Mr Simm’s life, with his mother-in-law working as a nurse before retiring and his sister-in-law currently working in the Covid-19 wards.

He vowed to start a livestream on Saturday at 6am, so that those interested will be able to check on his progress day and night.

He has also set up a Go Fund Me Page where he has asked people to donate to his cause.

Mr Simm said: “NHS staff and volunteers are doing amazing work right now in caring for Covid-19 patients.

” It’s our turn to make sure we look after them, to ensure they can keep doing their vital work.”