‘Liveable’ one-bedroom flat could be yours for just £14,000

The property in Falkirk is being sold for less than the cost of a deposit for a one-bed flat in London.

‘Liveable’ one-bedroom flat could be yours for just £14,000 SWNS via SWNS

A one-bedroom flat in liveable condition is being sold for just £14,000 in Falkirk.

The small flat has long-term tenants and amenities such as central heating and a communal garden.

It is up for auction for the same amount as a deposit for a one-bedroom flat in London.

A deposit for a similar place in Purley Way, Croydon, South London, could be as much as £14,750 with a mortgage of £162,250.

The modest flat at Birnam Place, Ladysmill, is described as an “investment opportunity”, and has a bedroom, front room, kitchen and bathroom.

The modest flat is described as an 'investment opportunity'.SWNS via SWNS

Tenants have lived there since 2018 and it was valued at £35,000.

It is being sold on Friday by Future Property Auctions and has already attracted bidders.

Auctioneers suggested it was ideal for buy-to-let landlords.

General manager John Morris said: “The property is offered at a very attractive price. We have already received several bids to buy it before it goes to the auction.

Auctioneers suggested it was ideal for buy-to-let landlords.SWNS via SWNS

“The property will be sold to the highest bidder on at the auction on Friday the April 9.

“The property is attractively priced and has a home report of £35,000 so is being offered over 50% below its true value.

“With a long-term tenant in the property it is a easy affordable investment that is sure to do the buyer well.”