Man 'grabbed' and 'tried to drag away' nine-year-old girl at park

Officers said the incident occurred at Waverley Park in Bonnyrigg.

Investigation under way after man ‘grabbed’ nine-year-old girl at Waverley Park, Midlothian Google Maps

An investigation is under way after a man “grabbed” and “tried to drag away” a nine-year-old girl at a Midlothian park.

Officers said the incident occurred at Waverley Park in Bonnyrigg, at around 3pm on August 26.

The alleged suspect “approached and grabbed” the little girl while she played at the local park.

In a social media post, the child’s mother said the man had “tried to drag her away” by her wrist, but ran away when a lady passed by the scene.

She said: “If this lady can come forward the police would like to talk to her to see if they can get more details.

“We would also like to thank her as her passing meant our daughter could get away.

“Very scary and please be aware.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers received report of a nine-year-old girl having been approached and grabbed by a man at Waverley Park in Bonnyrigg around 3pm on Friday, August 26.

“Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”