Home comforts as pensioners enjoy makeshift salon

Residents at Pine Villa in Loanhead, Midlothian, enjoy a trim days before hairdressers reopen.

Home comforts as pensioners enjoy makeshift salon Matthew Newby via SWNS

Lucky pensioners got haircuts days before the rest of the population – in the care home where they live.

Residents at Pine Villa in Loanhead, Midlothian, have been given a makeshift salon in the lounge of the care home – ahead of hairdressing salons opening on Monday.

Male residents can have their hair and facial hair shaved or trimmed using a home-cutting kit which comes with different sizes of blades to fit everyone’s preferred length and style.

Women can get their hair styled with rollers, curling tongs, or hairdryers and get their nails done.

Rena Flavel, 88, uses the makeshift salon three times a week.

Rena said: “The staff does a great job. I get my nails done once a week on a Thursday and get my hair done every Wednesday and Saturday.

“I am absolutely thrilled with what the staff has managed to do during lockdown.”

Manager Denise Williams said: “Usually, we have hairdressers come in or residents go out and get their nails done at a salon, but because of lockdown restrictions, it had to be put on hold.

“Some of the ladies were feeling a little concerned about how they were looking and the staff decided to do it themselves.”

“It’s really great. There are a few carers with experience cutting and styling hair so they got all the right hair tools and got it all set up.

“We also have a carer who has experience in doing nails so we have a little bit of everything which is very exciting.

“We felt this was an important addition to the care services we provide.

“When you look nice you feel nice and that’s what we’re here to do, support our residents’ health and wellbeing.”