Police issue 'artist's impression' after pulling over wanted driver

Officers dealing with the incident 'forgot to take a photo' and so provided the drawing instead.

Forth Valley Police issue ‘artist’s impression’ after pulling over wanted uninsured driver in Falkirk Police Scotland

Police officers who arrested a wanted man after pulling him over provided an “artist’s impression” of the vehicle they seized.

A 40-year-old man driving a Saab was stopped on Summerford Road, Falkirk, on Tuesday morning.

Forth Valley Police Division said the driver did not have a valid licence or insurance and he was also wanted on a warrant.

The officers arrested the man, reported him to the Procurator Fiscal for driving offences and the Saab car was seized.

However, because they “forgot to take a photo of the vehicle being uplifted” they provided a “police artist’s impression” instead.

Commenting on the image shared on Forth Valley Police Division’s social media, one used tagged a friend asking: “Isn’t this your Saab?”

Another asked: “Does the artist take commissions? The likeness here is just awe inspiring.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “If you know someone who is driving without a valid licence or insurance let us know on 101, always 999 in an emergency, or online.”