Edinburgh Castle emerges from fog in stunning picture

Dramatic picture shows Edinburgh Castle emerging from a shroud of mist.

Edinburgh Castle emerges from fog in stunning picture Adam Bulley via SWNS

Edinburgh Castle emerges from a shroud of mist in this dramatic photograph.

The picture was taken from nearby Salisbury Crags at around 10pm on Monday night.

Haar – a sea fog caused when warm air passes over the cold North Sea – surrounded the city with street lights muted beneath it.

But the castle peeked out the top of the clouds, in a shot photographer Adam Bulley, 38, had hoped to get for years.

Adam said: “I was in the house and looking out the window, the conditions looked fantastic.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out again but I had an image in my mind of the castle over the fog. That’s what made me put my boots on and go out.

“I got to the Crags and I could see it had all come together, I have not seen it like that before.

“I’ve been up Arthur’s Seat lots of times but that’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that.”

The dad-of-one lives in Edinburgh and works for travel company Worldwide Explorers, taking budding photographers on tours of scenic spots around the world.

He added: “The fog would change by the minute. It was incredible.”