Drivers banned from parking around landmark fountain

Fife Council moves to act upon concerns raised over cars parking around a fountain in St Andrews.

Drivers banned from parking around landmark fountain

Parking could be banned around a landmark fountain in St Andrews because of the risks posed by vehicles “carrying out careless manoeuvres”.

Fife Council has acted after concerns were raised over parking near the restored Whyte-Melville Memorial Fountain.

After consulting with police, councillors and their parking management team, a ‘no waiting’ restriction has been identified as a solution to the problem in the town’s Market Square.

A council report said vehicles were “causing obstruction and carrying out careless manoeuvres risking injury to pedestrians and damage to the fountain”.

Councillor Jane Anne Liston said: “I know people were especially concerned about the fountain after all the work that has gone into it and now that risk will be significantly reduce.”

Story by local democracy reporter Emma O’Neill