Delayed petrol payments spark customer anger at new service station

Haddington’s new Shell garage opened last month at the town’s new Gateside retail park.

Delayed petrol payments spark customer anger at new Shell garage in Haddington LDRS

Customers at a new petrol station have been left reeling after delayed payments saw some people hit with up to six transactions in one day.

Haddington’s new Shell garage opened last month at the town’s new Gateside retail park.

But some residents found card payments made for fuel were not taken out of their bank account for weeks.

Others reported payments being taken out of their accounts before being refunded and then taken again or showing up as pending before disappearing, leading them to think the bill had been paid.

Concern over the issue was raised on social media by a rival petrol station in the town, who said it had been inundated with calls from people mistakenly thinking they had been charged by them and people who had found themselves caught short by the late withdrawals.

Hundreds of comments from affected customers were shared on Facebook threads.

One customer said: “This has happened to both my wife and myself in past two days! Got fuel on 4th & 5th, pending transaction, days later not pending, assumed it had paid then bang 85++ quid oot our banks a week before payday.”

Another added: “It’s happened to me as well –  six transactions. It’s all I had I’m a single mum and have no income at all. I don’t know what to do.”

And another posted this morning read: “I have just had money taken from my account from Haddington Service from June 25 today. I will not be using this place again.”

One customer said they had been so confused by the money going out of their account so long after buying fuel they cancelled their bank card after spotting it.

They said: “I honestly thought it had come out.

“Bit of a shock this morning seeing the money gone from my account. I straight away cancelled the card but due to working couldn’t call the bank till later. I won’t use the garage again.”

East Lothian Council urged anyone concerned by the issue to contact EG Group who run the petrol station.

A council spokesperson said: “Concerns of this nature should first be raised with the retailer however free consumer advice is also available from Consumer Advice Scotland who can assist people to resolve consumer complaints.”

EG Group has been contacted for comment.