Council workers swap 9-5 roles to take up care jobs

Marnie McCann and Allan Blair are now working at Highbank Intermediate Care.

Council workers swap 9-5 roles to take up care jobs

Council workers have swapped their normal 9-5 roles to help the most vulnerable residents in Midlothian as they cope under lockdown.

Midlothian Council said 23 of its employees stepped up, and out of their comfort zones, to take on caring roles during the coronavirus crisis.

Marnie McCann and Allan Blair, from the council’s sport and leisure team, are now working at Highbank Intermediate Care.

The Dalkeith facility provides short-term intermediary care for over 65s.

Mr Blair, a sport and physical activity team leader, said the staff at Highbank are fantastic and really supportive.

He said: “The care they give some of the most vulnerable people is incredible and is even more amazing given the current situation they are working in. 

“I feel really humbled to have the opportunity to work with them and contribute in some small way.”

Ms McCann, who normally works as a leisure assistant at Danderhall, said she has been given a new understanding of how hard carers work.

She said: “I’m really enjoying working at Highbank, it’s good to feel useful, especially with Covid-19 affecting so many. 

“I can now appreciate how much hard work it is, and can see that the carers do not get enough appreciation for what they do.”

Katherine Malone, manager at Highbank, said the addition of the council workers to her team had been invaluable in the current situation.

She said: “It just means so much to the staff at Highbank that people are coming out of a job they know so well to help us continue to provide an important service.

“It is such a challenging and scary time for everyone and the fact that this has not put people off helping is so appreciated.”

By Local Democracy Reporter Marie Sharp