Protestors who smashed Wallace sword case ordered to pay compensation

Alexander Cloudsley, Katrielle Chan and Imogen Robertson painted slogans on the case containing the historic artefact.

Climate protestors who smashed Wallace sword case ordered to pay compensation to Stirling Council This is Rigged

Three climate activists who smashed a case containing William Wallace’s sword have been ordered to pay compensation.

Alexander Cloudsley, 30, Katrielle Chan, 21, and Imogen Robertson, 22 painted slogans on the National Wallace Monument at Stirling in March this year in a protest over fossil fuels.

The trio told the town’s Sheriff Court they were exercising their “fundamental human right” to protest, adding their actions were similar to those of suffragette Ethel Moorhead.

But Sheriff Keith O’Mahony, found them guilty of acting in concert and causing criminal damage, ordering them each to pay Stirling Council £3,333 to cover the cost of replacing the case.

The 13th-century blade was removed from public view after the glass casing was damaged before later being returned to public view.

It is said to have been used at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297.

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