Bin men’s Christmas gift for boy who waves to them every day

Falkirk Council workers clubbed together to buy two-year-old a bin lorry toy.

Bin men’s Christmas gift for boy who waves to them every day LDRS

A two-year-old boy has been given a special Christmas gift by the bin men he waves to every collection day.

The Falkirk Council workers clubbed together to buy little Ollie McEwan a bin lorry toy, leaving him “over the moon”.

Ollie’s mum, Stacey Reid, shared the story of her son’s friendship with the bin men online, prompting many to get in touch and say the story had given them some festive cheer.

Stacey explained that Ollie’s dad, Keith, takes him out to wave to the bin men every time they’re round and recently Ollie gave them a box of biscuits for Christmas.

In her post, Stacey said: “They didn’t expect them and were really appreciative.

“This morning, the bin men arrived in the street and, as usual, Ollie was straight out the gate waving at them.

“The next minute the bin man ran up the hill with a wee gift for Ollie – they had all put money together to buy him a wee bin lorry toy.

“The bin man said Ollie made their day with the biscuits so they wanted to treat him.

“Ollie was absolutely over the moon and couldn’t wait to tell all his friends at nursery. 

“It just goes to show that a little act of kindness goes a long way.

“Thank you so much to Falkirk Council bin men for making our wee boys day!”

After her post was shared by thousands, Stacey said she was stunned by the reaction to the story.

She said: “I really didn’t expect it – I just wanted to show some appreciation.

“All he wanted to do was give them some biscuits but the reaction has been lovely.

“And he’s never stopped playing with his bin lorry since he got it – he just loves it!”

A spokesperson for Falkirk Council said: “It’s lovely to see Ollie’s reaction and we’re really proud of our bin crews going that extra mile to bring a wee boy happiness at Christmas time.

“Our crews work hard all year round and it has been a really challenging time for them throughout Covid-19 so Ollie’s reaction we’re sure helps make it worthwhile.”

Story by local democracy reporter Kirsty Paterson