Anonymous artist projects NHS tribute on to landmarks

The Rebel Bear, dubbed the “Scottish Banksy”, projected image of an NHS worker on to nine Edinburgh buildings.

Anonymous artist projects NHS tribute on to landmarks

An anonymous artist has projected a tribute to frontline workers on to Edinburgh landmarks including the Scottish Parliament.

The Rebel Bear, dubbed the “Scottish Banksy”, created the image of an NHS worker, wearing personal protective equipment and holding her hands in the shape of a heart, which was projected on to nine landmarks in the capital.

The anonymous owner of the original image said it “epitomises mankind’s capacity for selflessness”.

Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Salisbury Crags, the National Museum of Scotland and St Giles’ Cathedral were also emblazoned with the image on Christmas Eve.

The image was even projected on to the Forth Rail Bridge.

Rebel Bear image on St Giles' Cathedral.

The owner of the original image said: “For me, this image epitomises mankind’s capacity for selflessness, at a time when there has never been a greater need to demonstrate community understanding and social responsibility, but above all, love, compassion.

“We are in a collective fight against Covid, striving to preserve nothing less than the very existence of human life.

“2020 has been a long, toilsome road. The NHS continues to operate throughout the toughest of times, with staff working tirelessly and under immense pressure.

“During this festive period, when many of them wish they could be at home with their loved ones, we are sharing this simple but powerful image as a public expression of our appreciation to all health and care workers, in the spirit of love and goodwill.

“We want people to know that others are thinking about them now and into what we hope is a better, brighter year.”

Rebel Bear image projected on to the Scottish Parliament.