Amateur photographer captures moon over Edinburgh Castle

Pawel Kosedka captured the moment the moon lit up Edinburgh Castle on Monday evening.

Amateur photographer captures moon over Edinburgh Castle Pawel Kosedka via SWNS

An amateur photographer has captured a breathtaking picture of the moon above Edinburgh Castle.

Pawel Kosedka, 29, captured the moon as it sat above Arthur’s Seat and lit up Edinburgh Castle around 9pm on Monday.

Astrophotography enthusiast Pawel said despite the poor weather conditions, the sky cleared for around 30 minutes allowing him to get the shot.

He rushed to Corstorphine Hill and quickly set up his camera before catching the mesmerising image.

Pawel said he captured the moon when it was 98 per cent full – following the full moon the day before on March 28.

Pawel, who works at Edinburgh Zoo, said: “I spend most of my free time taking landscape photos and astrophotography.

“The sky was almost completely covered yesterday but just before the moonrise around 9pm the sky cleared.

“It gave me around 30 minutes to pack my camera and go to the optimal place which was Corstorphine Hill.

“Once I got there the moon was already leaning over the top of the Arthur’s Seat.

“In a hurry I set up my tripod and selected the camera settings accordingly to the light conditions.

“The view was breathtaking, I didn’t know whether to admire the view or take pictures.

“The performance did not last long because, it was a temporary period, but managed to get an amazing photograph of the moon above Edinburgh Castle

“I will remember that night for a long time.”