Ace job: Horse saved by fire crews after toppling in storm

Ace was left stranded after being blown over in his field during Storm Dennis.

Ace job: Horse saved by fire crews after toppling in storm Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
Ace poses happily with the fire crews who came to his rescue.

Firefighters saved a horse’s life after he was blown over during Storm Dennis.

Ace was left stranded in a field near Gorebridge, Midlothian, as wind battered the country last month.

He had suffered nerve damage during a previous accident and was unable to get back to his feet.

Crews along with a farmer and his forklift spend two hours getting back on his feet, and he’s now enjoying life once again.

Watch Commander Gordon Aitchison said: “The vet had already informed us that Ace had to get back to his feet by himself because if we used mechanical lifting equipment there was a chance he would fall again.

“We tried to use strops, but Ace kept slipping.

“The lady who called us, Charlotte, then got in touch with her neighbour, a farmer who came with a forklift.

“We decided to use the strops, forklift and a recovery sheet to try and gently move Ace to the paddock. Thankfully everything worked out fine.”