Car smashes into crossing prompting calls for safety review

Edinburgh councillor Hal Osler said this is the third major accident in the area in a year.

Edinburgh: The safety railing at the pedestrian crossing was damaged. <strong>Hal Osler</strong>
Edinburgh: The safety railing at the pedestrian crossing was damaged. Hal Osler

An Edinburgh councillor is calling for a safety review into a pedestrian crossing after a car smashed into its barriers.

Hal Osler said she has been left feeling “disturbed” as this is the second time a vehicle has crashed into the same crossing and is a third major accident in the area in a year.

The Liberal Democrat said: “What’s disturbed me is that it’s a replacement barrier. It is a bit of a worry.

“It’s a very busy junction – and I want people to feel safe.”


Police and paramedics were called to the single-car crash on Queensferry Road, near to the crossroads with Orchard Brae, on Wednesday afternoon.

The safety railing has been left mangled.

Councillor: Hal Osler is calling for a safety review. Hal Osler

Ms Osler intends to call for an investigation by road safety officers to determine whether any improvements can be made in the area.

The councillor, who has lived in the area for almost two decades, highlighted that the crossing leads to Flora Stevenson Primary School and is across the road from an after-school club.


She said: “For me personally, I want to encourage families and children to walk to school – but it’s imperative that we keep the area safe.”

Ms Osler noted that the road is a major bus route and needed “free flow” as it is close to the Western General Hospital, but stated that drivers should not treat it as a motorway.

She added: “It’s an urbanised area – a lot of people live in the area. Motorists should have more respect and understand that it’s a residential area – it’s not a motorway.

“I would hate for anything to happen to anybody. People should feel safe in their natural environment.”

Councillor Lesley Macinnes, transport and environment convener, said: “Keeping people safe when travelling around the city is of utmost importance to us so we understand local people’s concerns when something like this happens.

“While our own investigations have not identified this junction as a priority for improvements, we value feedback from the public and will continue to monitor the situation.”

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