Rolex worth £12,000 stolen from man’s wrist by pickpocket

Police said two men distracted a couple on Edinburgh's Princes Street on Sunday.

Rolex: The luxury watches are worth a lot of money. <strong>Pixabay</strong>
Rolex: The luxury watches are worth a lot of money. Pixabay

A £12,000 Rolex watch was stolen from a man’s wrist by a pickpocket in Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

Police said two men distracted a couple before making off with their victim’s luxury timepiece.

The same thieves had already struck on St Andrew Square shortly before by again distracting a man to pinch his wallet.

The thefts occurred between 1.45am and 2am on Sunday.


Investigating officers are reminding the public to remain vigilant and alert during the busy winter months.

Inspector David Brady said: “When we launched Operation Winter City on Friday, we were keen to highlight that opportunistic criminals would be operating in the city centre area and this has proven the case, with two pickpocketing reports having now been recorded.

“Please be wary of anyone getting too close to your personal space or attempting any form of distraction, as they may be looking to steal your belongings.

“It is also important to remember and keep hold of your possessions at all times and do not have any items of value out on display.


“Our crime prevention advice can be found on our website.”

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