Park and pride: Heritage award for Castle Terrace car park

The car park has been awarded Category B listed status by an environmental body.

View: Castle Terrace Car Park <strong>Historic Environment Scotland</strong>
View: Castle Terrace Car Park Historic Environment Scotland

By Graeme Murray

A multi-storey car park in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle has been awarded Category B listed status by an environmental body.

Historic Environment Scotland gave the listing to the Castle Terrace Car Park, which featured in the Trainspotting sequel, because of its its “innovative construction.”

Architecture experts say the structure, built in 1966, is is one of the earliest examples of modern multi-storey construction.

Brutalist: Car park has been given B-listed status. Historic Environment Scotland

Elizabeth McCrone, head of designations at Historic Environment Scotland, said: “Castle Street Car Park was the first modern multi-storey car park of its type to be built in Scotland.

“It not only had a hugely innovative design, but it was also carefully conceived not to interfere with views of Edinburgh Castle.

“It is an important part of Scotland’s social history and tells us much about the rise in car ownership after the Second World War and how local authorities responded to the challenge of accommodating cars in our city centres.

“While there is a love-hate relationship with architecture built after the Second World War, these buildings have an important part to play in telling Scotland’s story. “


Experts say interest in brutalist architecture is growing and requests to HES are often received about this style of heritage.”

It is also important, socially, because it reflects increasing car ownership during the period.

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