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Indy supporters march ‘all under one banner’ in capital

Thousands of independence supporters are taking part in the march through Edinburgh.

Thousands of Scottish independence supporters are marching through the capital.

The All Under One Banner march started on Holyrood Park at 1pm on Saturday before finishing at The Meadows.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry are among those attending and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sent a Tweet wishing the marchers good luck.

On a Facebook page for the march attendees were urged to bring their “flags, banners, pipes and drums”

Around 16,000 responded to the event page and said they were either attending or interested in attending.

A banner from a group called Celtic supporters and Rangers supporters United for Scottish Independence was seen on display at the march.

Supporters: Old Firm united.

Several roads throughout the city centre have been closed for the march that is expected to last to around 6pm.

Attendees include former MSP Tommy Sheridan and comedian Janey Godley.

Gemma MacFadyen has backed Scottish independence since she was a child. 

Speaking to PA the 34-year-old from Edinburgh said: “I’m here to support the cause for independence. 

“To be honest, after the last referendum I was a bit deflated and disenfranchised and I was not going to be taking part anymore. 

“But recently after a trip to the west coast of Scotland I’ve been re-inspired – so I’m here today. 

“I’ve not really been caught up in the whole Brexit debate, I’m not bothered about that. “But I am for another independence referendum, as soon as possible – it should’ve been ages ago.” 

Bands, bikers, dogs, people in fancy dress and countless Saltire flags were all part of the rally towards the Meadows. 

Chants of “What do we want? Independence” could also be heard roaring up the Royal Mile. 

Harry Baird, 19, wanted to join what he believed would be the biggest rally in the country’s history. 

The apprentice marine engineer from Orkney said: “There’s a lot more than I thought I would see, to be honest. 

“(I want) more radical and instant Scottish independence. 

“Any change from what it is now would be worth it.”  

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