Egg-citing news: Five baby black swans born at centre

The birds, which are considered uncommon but not rare in the UK, hatched in the Scottish Borders.

Announcement: The little birds hatched on Tuesday. <strong>SWNS</strong>
Announcement: The little birds hatched on Tuesday. SWNS

Five baby black swans have hatched in the Scottish Borders.

Black swans are considered uncommon but not rare in the UK and were first introduced as ornamental birds, like peacocks.

Family: The black swans will grow up to look like their mum. SWNS

With their shiny black feathers and bright red beaks, the birds appear exotic and originate from Australia.

The five cygnets – which were born at Bird Gardens Scotland in Lauder on Tuesday – weigh around 100g each, and will develop the black-and-white feathers which make their parents so distinctive after about two years.

Birds: The cygnets were born in the Scottish Borders. SWNS

Owen Joiner, director of Bird Gardens Scotland, said: “Their mum lay five eggs and had five chicks.

“She is a first-time mum.

“She incubated them for over 30 days and did well to have a first-time hatch.

“We have about 400 birds here and none of them have been named.


“The black swan dad works in unison with the mum to look after the chicks.

“The chicks are grey and fluffy just now but once they mature they will turn into a shiny black colour.

“The black swans have their own pond here and the parents will teach the chicks how to swim and how to get in and out of the pond safely.

“They will also teach them what they can eat.”

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