Multi-million overhaul of Edinburgh city centre approved

The 'ground breaking' £314m overhaul plans have been pushed forward by councillors.

Edinburgh: Multi-million plans approved. <strong>PA</strong>
Edinburgh: Multi-million plans approved. PA

Multi-million pound overhaul plans for Edinburgh City centre have been approved by councillors.

The “ground breaking” ten-year City Centre Transformation Plan worth a total of £314m was given final approval at Thursday’s council meeting.

The proposals aim to overhaul how people move around the city and will give priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

Many of the city’s streets will be closed to traffic as a result.


At the meeting opponents of the plans were labelled “quite frankly pathetic” after a failed attempt to block the strategy going ahead.

The plan also includes setting up a pedestrian priority zone, treating cars as “guests” in the city centre as well as ambitious plans to create a pedestrianised plaza on Waverley Bridge.

Conservatives called for the final strategy to be put on hold for the authority to prove it can deliver projects which have already secured funding such as George Street and cycle link improvements.

Tory transport spokesperson Cllr Cook blasted the “continued lack of specifics” for ideas that have been “kicking about in some cases for more than a decade”.


He added that “Lothian Buses have made clear their concerns” and have “in black and white said that this programme will increase journey times and cause huge inconvenience for people using buses”.

Environmental campaigners have welcomed the plans.

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