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Ex-boxer raped blind woman and schoolgirl in graveyard

Mikey Hoc, 20, who was found guilty of the sex attacks, has been jailed for ten years.

Mikey Hoc: The sex attacker has been jailed.
Mikey Hoc: The sex attacker has been jailed.

An ex-boxer raped a blind woman after she fell getting out of a taxi.

Mikey Hoc has been jailed for ten years for attacking his 49-year-old victim in Moredun, Edinburgh, in May last year.

The 20-year-old struck weeks after being freed on bail for another rape charge.

Hoc was also found guilty of raping a girl in an Edinburgh graveyard as well as also raping a student in the Lothians and physically assaulting another.

He will also be supervised for a further five years.

The blind woman told jurors how the attack had “ruined her life”.

Hoc had called himself “John” and offered to help get the woman a taxi before she fell and was raped at an area nearby.

The mum recalled: “I asked him to ‘stop, please stop’. I could not fight him anymore. He was too strong.

“I wanted to go home and forget about it, but I could not. He is evil. He needs to get locked away.”

Hoc struck after a sheriff bailed him in March last year following a court appearance for raping a student and assaulting another.

A relative of one of the young women pretended to him that if he paid £3000 in instalments, the rape would not be reported.

The witness said: “I knew that if he gives me the money – or even thinks about it – then 100% he did it.”

Jurors were shown a bank transaction in which Hoc paid her £100 with the word in Polish “for silliness” – the cash was sent back.

A teenager also came forward to report Hoc had raped her in a church graveyard in Edinburgh city centre when she was a schoolgirl.

His lawyer Kevin McCallum said Hoc continued to protest his innocence.

He claimed the rapist was a “vulnerable young adult” but described his crimes as “impulsive and deceitful.”

Judge Lord Kinclaven said: “I must go on the basis of the jury and not of your account.

“I have to deal with your very serious worrying offence and there is no alternative to a significant custodial sentence.”

Hoc was also put on the sex offenders’ register.

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