Dog found with legs hacked off in China given Scots home

Braveheart was left bleeding at the roadside after being mutilated in Zhejiang province.

A dog who suffered horrific injuries as part of the Chinese dog meat trade has been given a second chance at life in Scotland.

She was found tied to a pole in Zhejiang province after being subjected to horrific abuse in December last year.

People had hacked through both her front legs leaving them blood soaked and shattered, before leaving her on the edge of a road for a dog butcher to pick her up.

A team from charity Fight Dog Meat managed to rescue the two-year-old mixed breed and took her for medical help.


Sadly, both her legs had to be amputated.

The Australian charity covered the costs of the dog’s rehabilitation and transportation to her new life in Scotland to live with Amanda Leask, from Edinburgh, who gave her a loving home in the Scottish Highlands alongside other rescue dogs.

The dog was named Braveheart for her courage and a white heart mark on her head.

This week, Braveheart was officially honoured at the Mirror Animal Hero Awards for her bravery.


The ceremony, at London’s Grosvenor House, celebrated examples of bravery, dedication and resilience in animals.

Braveheart has slowly been nursed back to full health and is now learning to walk again.

She has also appeared on the television show Loose Women to help raise awareness of the dog meat trade.

Her owner Amanda hopes to raise £1200 for Braveheart’s prosthetics as well as a few hundred pounds extra for a wheelchair that will allow her to run and play with other dogs.

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