Grieving brother urges death driver to examine conscience 

Jonny Smith, 29, died in a head-on crash caused by a stolen Audi A3 on Mayberry Road, Edinburgh.

Police: Jonny Smith was killed in a horror crash on May 25. <strong>Facebook</strong>
Police: Jonny Smith was killed in a horror crash on May 25. Facebook

The brother of man who was killed in a head-on crash caused by a stolen car said he doesn’t know how the driver can live with himself.

Jonny Smith, 29, died after his Peugeot 206 was hit by another car as it swerved to avoid a Audi A3 on Maybury Road in Edinburgh.

His car burst into flames after the horror collision, which happened around 12.30am on Friday May 25.

But almost three months on the driver of the Audi – registration SM17 EAK – remains at large.


And Mr Smith’s brother Callum, 25, cannot comprehend how he can cope with his guilt.

He told STV News: “It is frustrating that there is someone out there going about their life knowing fine well what they have done, sitting there without a conscience knowing that they have taken a life off this planet.

“They have sentenced my mum and dad to every day for the rest of their life at the cemetery.

“My little sister is only going to grow up with childhood memories of him.”


The family are also campaigning for a central reservation on the road to prevent head-on crashes and have a meeting coming up with Edinburgh City Council.

Mr Smith added: “We know that if he was here he would never stop fighting so neither will we fight all the way until we get justice and that road fixed so that it cannot happen to anyone else.”

On the night he died Jonny had helped to fix Callum’s computer.

The brothers spoke about the following month’s World Cup in Russia and Jonny tipped eventual winners France to triumph.

They parted company just after midnight on May 25 and Callum never saw him again.

He also revealed Jonny was about to start a new chapter in his life when he was killed.


Callum said: “He was saving up for a year for a mortgage.

“He was about a month away from getting his own place.”

Callum paid tribute to his brother and described him as a laid back character who was a patriotic Scot and happy in his own company.

And while he said no jail term can come close to the family’s life sentence he hopes the road safety campaign will give them some comfort.

Callum added: “We can’t bring Jonny back but if we can help save other people then the future then that is what we will do.”

Detective inspector Graham Grant said: “The investigation into the fatal road collision at the Maybury Roundabout during the early hours of Friday 25th May is ongoing and we will continue to provide the family of Jonathan Smith with all the necessary support and assistance they require.

“Officers will also keep the family fully informed as to the progress of this inquiry.”

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