Rapist preyed on girl after he was released on bail

Serial offender Arron Kossatz jailed for eight years at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Court: Arron Kossatz targeted a 'vulnerable' 13-year-old girl (file pic). <strong>PA</strong>
Court: Arron Kossatz targeted a 'vulnerable' 13-year-old girl (file pic). PA

A 20-year-old man who repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl and sexually abused two others after being freed on bail has been jailed for eight years.

Arron Kossatz, 20, raped the schoolgirl when she was heavily under the influence of alcohol at a flat in Leith, Edinburgh.

Kossatz also had unlawful sex with a girl aged 14 and 15 and went with a third girl, also aged 13, within weeks of being released on two bail orders from Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Michael O’Grady QC told him: “It is clear, both from these offences and the background information that I have before me, that you have a well-established predilection for sexual activity with female children.


“It is apparent from the present offences alone that you cannot control it.”

The judge said that Kossatz had targeted the “troubled and vulnerable” 13-year-old for repeated and regular abuse “in the most extreme fashion”.

He said: “It is clear that the effect upon her has been dreadful and I suspect that it is not overstating matters to say that her life has been blighted and is likely to remain so.

“There can be no excuses for such behaviour and it merits significant punishment.”


The judge sentenced Kossatz to eight years in prison and four years of supervision after his release.

Kossatz was 16 when he began abusing the girl he repeatedly raped in 2013. He also had sex with an underaged girl in 2012 and 2013.

He was released on bail in October 2012 from the city’s sheriff court but weeks later had sex with a third girl. 

He appeared for sentencing from custody, where he had been held after conviction for his sex offences.

Defence counsel David Nicolson said that garage worker Kossatz came from an “utterly dysfunctional” background.

He added: “He seems to be incapable of understanding how damaging the conduct might be.”

Mr Nicolson said Kossatz had been bullied at school and one witness had indicated that he hung about with younger people because he was so immature.

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