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Cars stuck and trains cancelled as flooding hits Scotland

Thunderstorms left parts of the country subsided under water on Sunday.

Rain: Firefighters were called.
Rain: Firefighters were called.

By Andy McLaren and Courtney Cameron

Cars were left trapped in water, railway lines were flooded and roads subsided as flash floods hit Scotland.

Thunderstorms caused Polmont Burn near Grangemouth to overflow and flood a restaurant’s car park on Sunday.

Customers’ cars were left submerged as firefighters worked into the night to pump out water.

Some areas of the country were predicted to see half a month of rain at the start of this week.

Meanwhile, all train services towards Oban were cancelled on Monday morning due to severe flooding on the line.

Replacement buses were organised due to the water between Tyndrum Lower and Dalmally in Argyll and Bute.

A ScotRail spokesman said: “Our staff have found extensive damage to the line which will require urgent repair. This means the line between Tyndrum Lower and Dalmally is closed.

“We’re in the process of organising replacement transport for the day, however, this hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

Heavy rain has also affected Edinburgh, causing Broughton Road to subside. The busy route has been shut between East Claremont Street and Logie Green Road.

Edinburgh Travel News, which posts traffic and roadworks updates, said: “Broughton Road is closed to through traffic between East Claremont Street and Logie Green Road.

“This is due to carriageway subsidence, we’ll have more info later in the day.”

STV Weather presenter Sean Batty said: “Apart from some thundery showers in the north of Scotland on Monday, it should be a quieter day for most, however more thunderstorms will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday which could again lead to some flash flooding issues.

“As is the way with intense downpours like this, some areas will escape with a lot less rainfall than others.

“That being said, there is a possibility some parts of the country from Sunday through to Wednesday could see nearly half a month of rainfall.

“The lightning creates hazards for hillwalkers and those who are camping during the holiday period.

“Flash flooding can sometimes be more common in the summer due to more intense showers and the ground can often be harder due to higher temperatures and sunshine which prevents rainfall from soaking into the ground quickly.”

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