Teen’s Spiderman trailer recreated in Lego hits 1m views

Darren Taylor created his stop motion tribute in 46 hours, inspired by Wallace and Gromit.

As Spiderman scales the Washington monument, the superhero takes a look around then jumps high in the air, deploying a webbed cape.

The breathtaking scene is one of many in the Spiderman Homecoming trailer – and has also been painstakingly recreated in Lego by Darren Taylor.

The 19-year-old originally from Lerwick, Shetland decided to recreate the movie trailer after excitedly watching it’s first release in the early hours of December 2016.

Now the intricate stop motion video has racked up more than 1 million views on YouTube.


“It was about half five in the morning and I was really excited to see the trailer. I saw it and thought, that’s really cool I want to recreate it,” Darren explains.

“I didn’t think anything would come of it, it was a passion thing. So I spent the next 46 hours non-stop [working on it].”

Darren began making films when he was eight, shooting footage of Lego and talking over the footage.

He began to develop his skills, teaching himself how to create stop motion thanks to a love of Wallace and Gromit films.


Yet his Spiderman trailer was a real labour of love. Working non stop, he shot 15 frames per second for the 2.13 minute film – something Darren quips as ‘mind numbing’.

“I think I started at 6am on a Friday and finished it at 4am on the Sunday morning without stopping,” he says.

Yet his work paid off. The video soon began to rack up hits online and once it was tweeted by the film’s director, the stop motion film hit 1 million views on YouTube.

“I just think of 1 million people in one place and I can’t quite comprehend it. It’s such a nice feeling to know if had that much recognition for one of my pieces of work,” he says.

Now Darren wants to continue with his film creations, hoping one day to scale heights like Spiderman and become a part of the film industry.

“I really want to professionally be a film director and writer and thats been my passion my whole life I just want to get more experience and work my way into it.”

Reporting by Ben Philip

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