The Wee Bar: Pint-sized pub built inside old telephone box

The establishment is only a metre wide and could be the smallest pub in the world.

The Wee Bar: Phone box was bought for £1. <strong>SWNS</strong>
The Wee Bar: Phone box was bought for £1. SWNS

A tiny bar built inside an old phone box has given pint-sized a whole new meaning.

The Wee Bar in Kilberry, Argyll, is only one metre wide and could be the smallest pub in the world.

It is kitted out with a tiny table and a shelf, leaving barely enough room to squeeze three punters inside.

That has not stopped the converted telephone box from becoming a favourite with tourists, who step inside to enjoy a free drink.


Sitting outside the Kilberry Inn hotel and restaurant, the Wee Bar serves up local gins to visitors who fancy a tipple.

Kilberry Inn owner David Wilson, 45, purchased the phonebooth, which was due to be decommissioned and destroyed, for £1 and then transformed it.

He has plans to register the Wee Bar as the smallest pub in the world with the Guinness World Records.

David says: “BT were going to cut if off and take it away. But they said I could buy it for just £1.


“It would have cost me £400 to £500 per year to keep a functional telephone in it so I decided to convert it.

“In one iteration it was a whisky bar and we served local whiskies. But change is good so we’ve now set it up as a gin bar.”

He adds: “We serve Isle of Harris gin, Kintyre gin and gin from the Isle of Jura.

“Who knows what kind of pub it’ll be next? I like to keep it the looking traditional.”

The Wee Bar: Jeremy and Charline Denise inside tiny bar. SWNS

Patrons can legally drink alcohol at the Wee Bar because the phone box falls under the licensed premises.

David said: “It’s in a licensed area where we have the outdoor part of the main restaurant so visitors can legally drink inside it.

“We’re in such a rural area that we don’t have to worry about theft or vandalism. The gins are free because the only people who go inside are already Kilberry Inn paying customers.


“It’s a wee treat for our customers. I’ve had a fair few drinks inside it myself but I’ve never got drunk inside the booth… yet.”

He adds: “We’ve held the world’s smallest concert inside it – three musicians got in and played a wee song.

“Jimmy’s Balloon were the band who played. They did a local wedding before the concert in the phone booth.”

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