Oldest men in UK strike up friendship with each other

Centenarians Alf Smith and Bob Weighton both turned 109 on the same day.

Two centenarians who share the distinction of being the oldest men in Britain have struck up a friendship with each other.

Alfred Smith, from St Madoes near Perth, turned 109 on Wednesday.

He shares a birthday with Bob Weighton, from Alton in Hampshire.

The pair got in touch three years ago after Mr Weighton read a story about his counterpart.


They now send birthday cards to each other.

Former farmer Mr Smith celebrated his 109th with a cake, while surrounded by his family.

He told STV News: “I can’t just do everything that I’d like to do. I’m very careful when I walk, if we go out.

“I never thought I’d reach this age but I feel very good for 109.


“I don’t have any pains and I sleep well. I’m not worried very much about anything.”

He added: “Will I live to 110? I would like to!”

Mr Smith retired from farming aged 70 but continues to enjoy life in the village, where he is a well-known figure.

Mr Weighton, who has 25 great-grandchildren, said he decided to contact Mr Smith after discovering they shared a birthday.

He told ITV: “I saw a story about him and saw we were both the same age and shared the title of oldest man, so I sent a letter to him.

“We send each other cards now on our birthday.”

During his lifetime, Mr Weighton has lived in Japan, Taiwan, Canada and the USA.


In the Second World War he was part of the British Political Warfare Mission in Washington, after moving to the US to work at aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney’s factory in Connecticut.

His knowledge of Japanese led to him working with the American secret service, monitoring events in the Axis country and trying to “ruin the morale of the Japanese fighting forces.”

He had a message for Prime Minister Theresa May, who triggered Article 50 on the day of his birthday.

He said: “I’m a bit regretful that Theresa May has decided to initiate the Brexit discussions on my birthday and she never asked my permission.”

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