Dalziel punished for failing to press home advantage

Dalziel punished for failing to press home advantage
Dalziel punished for failing to press home advantage

Dalziel 15-17 Haddington

Conditions were good and a large crowd gathered round the pitch to cheer on the teams.

Dalziel from the kick off went on the attack and soon found themselves camped on the visitors line, and on three minutes Fraser Stango barged over the line, Robert Simpson converted the score.

By the eighth minute Dalziel were awarded a penalty, Simpson had a crack at goal but narrowly missed.

In the 10th minute Dalziel were again on the score sheet. From a line out the Motherwell lads secured the ball and set up a driving maul, Euan Stewart was forced over the line and Dalziel now had a 12-0 lead.

Forced drop goal

Haddington got their act together and began to take the game to the home side.

Dalziel's defence during this period was however a match for them and they were forced into trying a drop goal which fell short.

The visitors did however get a score on the board in the 25th minute. After Dalziel had again given away possession cheaply, the Haddington back row made ground up the blind side of half way, they forced Dalziel to give away a line out and from the driving mauls they set up the try eventually came.

The conversion narrowed the lead to 12-7.

Sin binned

Steven Findlay was sin binned for the home side and David Aitken had to retire injured. The home side were glad to hear the half time whistle.

Once again the Dalziel side had to make positional changes in the backs and lined up to receive the kick off as the second half started.

Haddington kicked out on the full and the ball was brought back for a scrum half way.

This should have been a good attacking platform for the home side but it was Haddington who started to gain territory and press the home line.

They were rewarded with a penalty which they converted to take their total to 10 points. From here to the 55 minute mark the game was played in midfield with robust defending by both sides cancelling out each other’s attacks.

Couldn't kill the game off

Eddie Ferguson went over for the home side but the referee disallowed the try.

On the 62nd minute Dalziel eventually were awarded a penalty which Simpson converted to stretch the lead to 15-10.

From here Dalziel should have killed the game off, but what followed was not what you would expect from the team.

Craig Simmonds was also lost to injury at this point which severely weakened the side.

Haddington kicked speculatively to the Dalziel 22 line. Instead of fielding the ball and kicking to touch, the Dalziel defence allowed the ball to bounce which enabled the chasing Haddington captain to get a foot to the ball and hack it towards the goal line.

Chances spurned

Haddington pounced on their chance, secured the ball and drove over for the score. They converted to take the lead for the first time.

With only minutes remaining Dalziel had to try and salvage a game which they allowed to get away from them.

They gained possession and attacked the visitors half but came up against some stern defence.

A kickable penalty chance was spurned and they kept trying to score a try but were held out.

The final whistle blew for Dalziel 15 Haddington 17. The home side gained a losing bonus point and the visitors deserved the spoils.