UFO sighting video sparks similar reports from Scottish viewers

Reports of an apparent UFO sighting in central Scotland have sparked a huge reponse from stv viewers keen to report similar unexplained phenomena.

Video of unexplained lights in the sky was submitted by Neil Hewitt from Banknock, and it attracted an unprecedented level of interest on the stv website.

The footage amidst a wave of similar sightings across the UK, and a suggestion that a wind turbine in Lincolnshire was badly damaged in an incident with a mystery aircraft.

In Shetland, an stv cameraman reported seeing exactly the same kind of lights on New Year’s day in Lerwick.

Viewers from across Scotland reported seeing similar things over the festive period. Many of these were on Christmas Eve.

One viewer sent a picture (shown here) of what he describes as "UFO lights on Xmas Eve at Hatton near Peterhead" He says they were "Silent and about six of them all together."

Another viewer reported something on the same night, saying: "Saw light on Xmas Eve over Edinburgh sky. Kids out in the drive playing ran in as they thought it was Santa."

There were other reports from the same night.

One said: "I saw the light it was bright orange over Addiewell on Chrismas Eve at 5.40pm, I was in the garden."

A viewer from Larkhall said: "On November fifth lights were seen by me, daughter, son in law and a friend's husband. It flew from east to west in a straight line. Again,  seen by daughter and son in law on December 25."

May of the reports centred around New Year's Eve.

Sandra Smith sent in a text saying: "Me my husband and my son saw three of these flying objects in Cowdenbeath straight after the bells at the new year."

Hellen Boyle in Alloa said: "We seen the same light in the sky over Alloa, just after the bells at new year."

Another viewer contacted us saying: "I saw the same at 01.30 new year's morning in the Whitecrook, Clydebank area."

A viewer called Rachel said she "saw same orange UFO on Isle of Colonsay on New Year's Eve."

One text said: "My family and me saw similar light on Hogmanay in Cardonald", and another said: "Saw one bright light at 3am new year's morning in Aberdeen. Thought it was a star but moving too much."

Other locations are mentioned in texts sent in describing reports from other dates.

One viewer said: "I see the object as I was working in Aberdeen docks last year. It was red with a yellow core", another said: "I saw a bright orange T-shaped object at 6.30pm January the second over Kirriemuir."

A text from Susan Faith commented: "Eight friends and myself saw three strange yellow lights in the sky in August last year. There was one then three. We stood up and watched as they went above each other then the bottom two went up quickly to the one at the top then they vanished! We thought at first they were aircraft but they had no red lights and made no sound. We were all amazed."

A firefighter and three friends witnessed something similar to the stv footage, saying it was "Just above our cars on way home from the Lake of Menteith at approximately 6.30pm, 2/11/08."

Another said: "I saw three lights in the sky on Saturday night about 9pm, I stay in Motherwell."

Similarly, another reported: "I saw three lights red trimmed with white that was last week over Cumnock, Ayrshire."

Further afield, one said: "We're from Greenock and we seen it in Coventry visiting friends on New Year's Eve after the bells, about 12.15am."

Another viewer contacted us by text, saying: "Seen your Coverage of UFOs. I have better film of one taken on holiday.  (Santa Ponsa. Majorca) A few years ago In broad Daylight."

Some viewers contacted us with possible explanations to the apparent sightings.

Betty Kelly from Carntyne in Glasgow asked: "I saw this very bright star like light as well, on Monday evening, and again on Tuesday but in Crookston and Carntyne. I thought we were getting another view of Mars. Is this the case?"

Another suggested: "The sightings of UFOs in Scotland could be a Chinese lanterns. I saw people set some of at New Year. They looked like UFOs to me but my mate seen them closer."

Others made the same suggestion, saying: "We had a lantern that had a little fire under it and we were amazed how high and far they went. I think that's what there people were seeing they are popular at Christmas and New Year."

"The mysterious looking things seen in the skies are just lanterns, I watched at Bridge of Dee as they were let go over the river", said another viewer.

A third explained: "To all the people thinking they have saw UFOs it was large lanterns that were lit from Larkhall area these looked the same as the aliens."

But some of the reports do not seem to fit this explanation

Amanda from Thurso in Caithness said: "Me an my auntie from Thurso Caithness saw a orange light in the sky on new years night it moved across the sky slowly then stopped and shot straight up an vanished."

Another text said: "We went out on new years day and watched three objects in the sky my daughter took a photo when we checked the photo it was like a big round dark object we could not explain it and are not into UFOs."

One viewer's report said: "Spotted UFO sighting in Tarbert, Argyll on Tuesday night! (January sixth) Down low to the ground then rose up and travelled about 200 yards, and disappeared! "

Asked about the attention generated by his footage, Neil Hewitt said: "I don’t know what to think, I just wanted to get it on the camera.

“It is all quite amusing, I like the fact that it’s spreading around.”

As for the possible explanation that it could have been Chinese lanterns, he said: ”I tried thinking of this, but the way they moved in relation to each other did not tally with this.

“I think these things were very big and far away rather than near, and if you look at the intensity of the light it is too bright to be something with a candle in it.

“I have gone through theories, but I can’t find anything that matches up, so it could be some phenomenon we just don’t know about.”