Nurse 'elbowed dementia patient in the stomach' at care home

Nurse: Helen McWhirter is said to have made a number of inappropriate remarks.

A nurse faces being struck off after being accused of elbowing a dementia patient in the stomach.

Helen McWhirter worked at Braemount Care Home in Paisley when she is said to have attacked the patient in April 2013.

She is accused of telling the resident to "get to f***" before elbowing them in the stomach and grabbing them by the arm.

It is just one of a string of charges the staff nurse faces when she appears at a hearing of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in Edinburgh next week.

The nurse, who worked at the Bupa home between July 2012 and July 2013 is said to have put her hand on a resident’s forehead and thrust their head backwards in November 2012.

McWhirter is said to have sworn at residents, saying "get out of the f***ing road" and told a resident "oh come on you too, f***".

She is also said to have made a number of inappropriate remarks to her colleagues while she worked at the home.

McWhiter is said to have asked a colleague, in front of residents: "These resident’s have dementia, why are these f***ing residents still up?"

She apparently told another colleague to "pull the b*****d out of bed", is said to have shouted at another co-worker about incontinence pads and made an inappropriate remark about a female patient.

In December 2012, she is said to have told a colleague "that’s not to be f***ing discussed here" and around the same time to have asked a co-worker "are you still f***ing at that" when they were feeding a patient.

The NMC say these actions impair McWhirter’s fitness to practice.

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