Glasgow foodbank feeding 170 adults and 130 children every month

There has been no shortage of stories in recent weeks about foodbanks and the increasing number of people in Scotland who are relying on them for their meals every day.

One foodbank in Glasgow's West End is feeding 300 hungry people every month and, of those people accessing the facility in Scotstoun, nearly 130 are children.

Husband and wife team Gill and Kyle McCormick set up the service at Blawarthill Parish Church last year and have been shocked by the response.

Around 300 locals use the service, which opens two days each week, every month.

In the past six months the couple has fed nearly 1800 people — including 766 children.

In that time they have received around 18.3 tons of food from donations and supermarket collections.

Every user is given an interview to identify why they are unable to feed themselves.

The volunteers would never turn away someone in need, but they live in fear of not having enough food to feed hungry mouths.

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