Man killed 'father' to protect his mother from domestic abuse

Court: John McDade jailed for four years for culpable homicide.
Court: John McDade jailed for four years for culpable homicide.© STV

A man has been jailed for killing the man he regarded as his father to protect his mother from domestic abuse.

John McDade claimed that he was trying to protect his mother when he punched her partner Alexander Richardson.

The 26-year-old, from Springburn in Glasgow, was jailed for four years at the High Court in Glasgow on Wednesday after he was found guilty of culpable homicide.

The trial heard that he had repeatedly punched his mother's boyfriend on the head and compressed his throat, before striking his head off either a wall or floor.

After the attack Mr Richardson appeared to be feeling fine and went to visit his sister's house, but when he returned he fell over a table and hit his head. The next morning he could not be woken up.

McDade told the court how he tried to revive the man he considered as his father, saying: "I tried my best to bring him back, I loved him."

The judge, Lady Dorrian, said: "You have shown how remorseful you are over the death of the accused, showing how you feel, but you have to face up to your part in his death.

"You compressed his throat, struggled with him and threw several punches. Mr Richardson was frail and in fact you said to the police that he was too frail to hit, but you did hit him."

In an interview with police, McDade, of Hawthorn Street, said; "He's brought me up since I was a baby."

Defence solicitor advocate Maurice Smyth said: "The background to this incident is many years of violence on his mother, by the man he regarded as his father.

"It was against a history of domestic abuse that the accused, who had no argument with Mr Richardson, reacted.

"His purpose and motive was good. He had to punch his father. He apologised and his apology was accepted.

"What was not foreseen was the death of Mr Richardson. He has lost the man he regarded as his father. There was a strong bond between them."

A pathologist told the trial that Mr Richardson died from bleeding on the brain.


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