Residents spend night in shelter after lightning starts flats blaze

Twenty people have spent the night in emergency accommodation after their block of flats went up in fire after being struck by lightning.

Fire crews were called to Heritage Court in Campbell Street, Greenock at around 6pm on Thursday.

Residents were evacuated and nearby streets closed to traffic as firefighters fought the flames, close to Ocean Terminal where the MS Artania cruise ship is currently docked.

It took 30 firefighters to put out the flames in the roof of the building, which houses eight flats.

Crews rescued 14 people from the close and the residents of the block spent the night in emergency accommodation.

The building will be assessed on Friday to see how much damage was caused.

A Fire Service spokesman said: "Fire crews were mobilised and arrived to discover a well developed fire in the roof space of a four storey building.

"Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were deployed into the building to search for people who had not been accounted for whilst other crews tackled the fire with main jets and a ground monitor.”

No one was injured in the fire.

The blaze was caught in the dramatic footage above by the operator of the town's webcam, Robert Cassidy.

You can watch footage from the webcam above. The video is from the webcam footage of the blaze and contains no sound.

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