Former boxer Scott Harrison standing trial for domestic charges

Court: Goodwillie was in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court the day after playing against Spain.

Former World Champion boxer Scott Harrison has gone on trial for domestic charges.

The 35-year-old is charged with forcing his way into a house, shouting, swearing and damaging a TV and scaring his former girlfriend Stacey Gardner, on December 30 2012.

Miss Gardner's cousin, Leanne Gardner, gave evidence on Tuesday at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The 33-year-old said Harrison came to her house on what she thought was the night of boxing day or the day after, although she could not remember in detail what was said.

Procurator fiscal depute Pat Callendar put a statement to her that she confirmed she gave to police.

She told officers that Harrison came to her house around 6am on December 30, 2012.

The court heard that she said: "I went to get my phone and text Stacey telling her that Scott had come to my house."

In her evidence Miss Gardner said: "I think it was my daughter that did that."

The statement also said Harrison called Stacey a "tramp" and said: "He told me that he had been up at the house and Stacey wouldn't let him in at first but then she did. He said he smashed up the TV."

Miss Gardner told the court: "I don't know if he told me that or Stacey told me that, I don't know if I have mixed it up."

The court heard Stacey texted to say the police were coming and Harrison was taken away and that Miss Gardner phoned her cousin afterwards.

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Ron Mackenna she said she and Stacey were "like sisters".

She said it was a possibility that Stacey told her Harrison called her a tramp and that she can not remember signing her police statement.

Harrison also faces charges of breaching bail on December 31 by allegedly going to the same New Year party as Miss Gardner after special bail conditions were put in place.

He is also charged with behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at the house where the party took place in Glasgow and at Cathcart police office. He denies the charges and the trial before sheriff Alayne Swanson will continue next month.

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