Campaign launched to encourage people to live on Scotland's canals

A campaign aimed at encouraging more people to live on the Forth and Clyde Canal has been launched.

Speirs Wharf has been created in the north of Glasgow near Cowcaddens, which will offer five residential moorings initially.

Scottish Canals, the public corporation of the Scottish Government that runs the waterways, unveiled Speirs Wharf as one of three pilot projects taking place across the country.

The other pilot at Leamington Wharf on the Union Canal in Edinburgh, which was launched in September last year, has filled eight berths, while another project on the Caledonian Canal is also under way.

Markus Kroner, estates manager for Scottish Canals, said: "The launch of 'Living on Water' here in Glasgow is a hugely exciting step for Scottish Canals. We have never actively promoted living on water but since we launched the campaign in September, we have had a terrific response not just from those who already own a boat choosing to begin living onboard but from people who are completely new to the water.

"At a 'Living on Water' open day on the Caledonian Canal just this weekend, for example, an Inverness couple decided then and there to lease a residential mooring and begin a new lifestyle afloat.

"Speirs Wharf is a great city location so we expect a similar response. Once at the hub of Glasgow's industrial revolution, today it is a tranquil and attractive location with the waterway framed by the handsome 19th century Speirs Wharf mill buildings. Standing here, you can feel a million miles away from the city centre but it's only a fifteen minute stroll away.

He added: "There are some real benefits to be found from choosing this alternative, waterway lifestyle. Living in a boat certainly offers a greener, more relaxed and more individual way of life. It can also be significantly cheaper than living ashore.

"Today's boats are also warm, comfortable and well-specified coming in a range of styles and sizes and there is also the option to buy secondhand, so this lifestyle can appeal to a wide range of people."

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