Pedestrian suffers injuries in vehicle collision at George Square

Quality close up of police road closed sign in Edinburgh.
Police: Officers attended the collision at Glasgow's George Square.Deadline

A man was injured when he was knocked down by a vehicle at Glasgow’s George Square.

The 25-year-old was involved in the collision at around 7.20am on Wednesday.

Strathclyde Police were called to the incident and said the man received treatment at the scene for arm injuries.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the injured man was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary for further treatment after being seen to by paramedics who attended the crash.

The type of vehicle involved in the collision is not yet known.

Glasgow City Council said that St Vincent Street was closed between South Fredrick Street and Queen Street as a result of the incident.

Motorists were warned to expect delays in the area, while traffic was diverted via Ingram Street as emergency services dealt with the incident. The road reopened at around 7.40am, according to the council.

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