Writer Mark Millar boycotts Starbucks and Amazon over tax avoidance

Mark Millar: 'Coatbridge is synonymous with superheroes for me.'
Mark Millar: The writer is boycotting the brands until they pay tax.

Comic book writer Mark Millar is boycotting Starbucks and Amazon after revelations they do not pay UK tax.

The Coatbridge-born writer, who wrote both Wanted and Kick-Ass and has worked for Marvel Comics, made the announcement on his Facebook and Twitter pages on Wednesday.

He told fans he is boycotting the businesses until they pay their tax, adding he thought it was “nonsense” that losing Starbucks would hurt the UK economy.

Mr Millar wrote: "I'm the last guy to take a stand on something, but I'm boycotting Amazon & Starbucks until they pay their taxes like the rest of us."

The writer then linked to an article suggesting cheaper alternatives to the products offered by multi-nationals, which he said could "hit the internet giants paying no tax in the UK."

He added: "The argument that losing Starbucks will hurt jobs is nonsense. People will simply buy their coffee from a local business. Get em out!"

It comes after both businesses were quizzed by MPs earlier this month over their tax avoidance schemes. Amazon bases its business in Luxembourg so they can pay less UK corporation tax, and Starbucks claimed they do not make a profit in the UK.

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