Campaigners fighting 'Gregory's Girl' school closure slam council

Gregory's Girl starring Dee Hepburn and John Sinclair.
Gregory's Girl: The movie starred Dee Hepburn and John Sinclair.Everett Collection/Rex Features

Campaigners who are fighting to save the school made famous by the movie Gregory’s Girl have criticised the council as the public consultation into its closure comes to an end.

The Save Abronhill High group in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, has branded the exercise “flawed, misleading and inadequate”.

The public consultation into the proposed closure of the school will end on Tuesday, November 20.

North Lanarkshire Council plans to close Abronhill to save £1.1m a year. It is part of the council’s draft savings proposals to save at least £73m from its budgets between 2013 and 2016.

The local authority wants to move Abronhill pupils two miles away to Cumbernauld High ahead of a new school being built.

Meanwhile, the Save Abronhill Group has proposed three alternatives to the closure of the school made famous by Bill Forsyth’s movie.

The first would see a new school built for Cumbernauld High pupils and the refurbishment of Abronhill instead of a new school for both sets of pupils.

A second idea put forward is changing the zoning areas for Cumbernauld’s secondary schools, meaning Abronhill would gain approximately 125 pupils.

A third option the group has suggested is the creation of a Curriculum for Excellence Community Campus for both Cumbernauld and Abronhill high schools.

This would mean the local authority would have no more need for four primary schools and a library in the town, with the sale of these properties amounting to approximately £4.5m.

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council’s Learning and Leisure Services said: “We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to the consultation process. We will now begin preparing a report on the consultation which will include a statement from Education Scotland on the educational aspects of the proposals.

“The report will be published at least three weeks before a final decision is taken by the council on the proposals. It will be available from the schools, local libraries and our website around January 15.”

Several scenes of Gregory's Girl, starring John Gordon Sinclair and Dee Hepburn, were filmed at Abronhill High School.

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