Murder accused Garry Kane breaks down as 999 call played in court

A man accused of killing his grandmother told a 999 operator how she was "lying in a pool of blood" as she lay dead on the kitchen floor.

Garry Kane sat sobbing in the dock as a recording of the emergency call from his grandmother's house was played to a jury at the High Court in Dumbarton.

Kane, 41, is accused of murdering 87-year-old Kathleen Milward in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, on January 3 by beating her with a blunt instrument.

In the 999 recording Kane can be heard telling the operator: "I just came in, my gran's lying in a pool of blood."

The operator asks: "What's happened to her?" to which Kane replies: "I don't know."

Asked if she was awake, he said: "No, I don't think so, she's lying on her back."

Kane can then be heard sobbing uncontrollably as the operator tries to talk him through resuscitation. At one point he says: "Where's the ambulance? She's got a big gash on her arm.

"How long are they going to be? Oh God, God, oh God."

When told to hold his grandmother's head back, Kane says: "I don't want to touch her."

Kane's aunt, Maureen Kennedy, 58, told the court that she went to the house at about the same time after receiving a call from her sister - Kane's mother - who was concerned that she was unable to get hold of Mrs Milward.

She found Kane at the house "shaking and very stressed" and asked him: "What's happened? Where's Gran?"

The accused replied: "It's terrible, it's terrible, don't go in there."

Mrs Kennedy, who gave her evidence from behind a screen, broke down in tears as she went on: "I said: 'I have to go in' and I went in and saw my mum lying on the floor."

"My mum was lying on her back with her hands out and her palms facing up.

"Her legs were straight in front slightly parted. Her eyes were very slightly open. There was a pool of blood to her left hand side beside her wedding ring."

She added that when he knelt down to touch her mother's neck to see if there was a pulse she got a shock because she was "as cold as marble".

Kane had moved into his grandmother's house a few months before she died, having moved back to Scotland following a spell in the Army in England.

Mrs Kennedy, of Stonehouse, said she last spoke to her mother at about 10.30am on the day she died. Mrs Milward claimed Kane had been shouting at her and using foul language, according to her daughter.

Mrs Kennedy told the jury: "I said: 'Mum at your age and with your health you don't need this you should ask Garry to leave'.

"She said she couldn't do that as he's got nowhere else to go."

The murder charge against Kane includes claims that he struck his grandmother on the head with a blunt implement and applied pressure to her neck.

He is also alleged to have stolen a sum of money from her home.

Kane faces a separate allegation that he behaved in a threatening and abusive manner towards his grandmother between December 24, 2011 and January 3 this year.

He is further accused of possessing heroin at several locations in Lanarkshire and three theft charges. He denies all the charges.

The trial, before Lord Matthews, continues.

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