Chick Young 'robbery' trial will not go ahead after charges dropped

Chick Young: BBC pundit is a regular on Radio Scotland.
Chick Young: He has appealed for help in recovering personal items.© SNS Group

A man who was accused of breaking into the home of football commentator Chick Young is no longer facing prosecution.

Steven Connelly was charged with breaking into the television pundit's Pollokshields home on September 13, 2011.

The 30-year-old was due to stand trial on Monday at Glasgow Sheriff Court but the case against him was dropped.

Connelly was accused of stealing an iPad, a laptop, a watch, a signet ring given to the sports journalist by his mother and a bracelet belonging to Mr Young's late son. He was also alleged to have stolen a Jaguar S-Type car.

Connelly, also of Pollokshields, was charged with stealing other items including washing powder and fabric conditioner between September 12 and September 13. In addition, he was accused of stealing a raincoat and a ID pass from an unlocked car on Maxwell Drive, Pollokshields between those dates.

It was reported at the time of the incident that Mr Young tried to stop the alleged burglar escaping with his car by jumping on the vehicle and clinging to it as it was being driven off.

Mr Young said he was in the house when he heard someone get into his car and after running outside, he found the car doors were already locked.

He said: "I hung on to the car as best I could as he drove away and ended up breaking off the side mirror as I tried to cling on."

But the thief got away and Mr Young sustained a sore arm and some bruising. When he returned indoors, he discovered the items belonging to his mother and 20-year-old son Keith, who died more than a decade ago in a motorcycle crash, were missing.

He said: "What has hurt me the most is he got away with mementos which do not have much financial value but they mean an awful lot to me."

Mr Young, who was home alone during the raid, asked for assistance in tracing the bracelet and ring.

He said: "There was a lot of stuff taken, some of which is probably quite valuable, such as a laptop.

"But it is the loss of the bracelet, which belonged to my son, and the ring, which my mum bought me, which is really breaking my heart."

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