Knitters unite to highlight contribution to creative industries

Knitters from across Scotland have come together to hear how the craft can contribute to the tourism and fashion industries.

Professionals and amateurs alike converged at the University of Glasgow for a one-day event looking at the impact knitting's recent surge in popularity is having on Scotland's creative sectors.

The university also hosted a workshop with academics and experts from the heritage, art and design industries examining the history of knitted textile crafts and the influence they have had on modern art and design.

Experts say that demand for Scottish hand and machine made items from European fashion houses continues to rise, while there has also been a surge of interest in tours to key areas of textile production such as the Scottish Borders and Shetland Isles.

Professor Lynn Abrams said: "Scotland has a rich history of producing knitted textiles and a reputation in the industry that is recognised around the world.

"We want this study day and workshop to not only look at the history and heritage of the craft but also how Scottish knitting can contribute to the future of Scottish tourism and fashion.

"In recent years interest in knitting has really boomed, and this is being reflected in fashion and popular culture today. Knitting is no longer the pastime of an older generation, it is increasingly appealing to a younger demographic who are engaging with the idea of expressing themselves through knitting as a creative art.

"The advance of the internet and social media has also been key to the emergence of new close-knit communities."

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