Glasgow City Council extends redundancy scheme to cut 300 jobs

Hundreds of workers at Glasgow City Council will be invited to apply for voluntary redundancy or early retirement as it looks to save £50m.

On Thursday, councillors approved plans to extend the scheme to all employees after it announced it needed to make the savings by 2015.

The current scheme is predicted to see 2592 workers take voluntary redundancy or early retirement by March next year, saving the local authority an estimated £44m.

During the meeting of the executive committee on Thursday, council leader Gordon Matheson claimed the number of jobs to go as a result of extending the scheme would be in the "early hundreds".

The Green Party, who voted against the proposal, stated that around 300 jobs would be lost as a result of the scheme being extended.

However, the unions Unison, Unite and GMB have previously warned that around 1000 jobs could go as part of the move, while they criticised the council stating that there is "no more room to cut".

At the meeting Baillie Nina Baker questioned whether the scheme should be extended on the basis of a report before the committee and called for it to be delayed so more detail could be provided.

However, the motion to extend the severance scheme was carried 10-7. The report before the committee estimated that every 100 posts will cost £7m in payoff packages but will save an estimated £4m a year.