Clyde the Thistle unveiled as Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games mascot

The official mascot for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has been unveiled.

Clyde the Thistle was designed by Beth Gilmour, 12, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

She won a UK-wide competition that attracted more than 4000 entries.

On Thursday Clyde was unveiled to the media as organisers continue the build-up to the Commonwealth Games.

Olympic silver medallist Michael Jamieson and fellow Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington helped to launch the mascot at the BBC headquarters at Glasgow's Pacific Quay.

Beth, who won four tickets to the Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony as part of her prize, said: "I still can’t believe that my entry is now the Glasgow 2014 mascot, it’s amazing to see Clyde come to life and I’m so happy that my design and idea will now be seen by everyone across the world.

"To know that I have played a part in Glasgow 2014 is incredible and I hope everyone across Scotland and the Commonwealth love Clyde as much as I do."

The idea of using a thistle was a strong favourite of the judging panel and Glasgow 2014. The thistle uniquely represents a symbol as much at home in the modern, urban heart of Scotland’s largest city as it is in Scotland’s remote, epic landscapes.

Clyde is the first time the official mascot of a Commonwealth Games has not been an animal, a trend that has continued ever since the first Commonwealth Games mascot for Edmonton in 1978 – a bear called Keyano.

Glasgow 2014 ambassador Billy Connolly, who narrated a special film premiered at the launch, said: "Clyde’s a great wee thistle and it’s a very, very good idea and a fantastic design by Beth. The thistle is the perfect choice and has a great history and meaning in Scotland, plus Clyde’s got a smashing haircut that makes him very modern and gives him a lovely edge.

"The River Clyde is unbelievably special to the people of Glasgow, it’s one of the sole reasons for Glasgow being here and I personally believe the thistle is a brilliant plant, it really is rather special. The combination of the two really celebrates everything that’s great about the city and Scotland."

Glasgow 2014 chairman Lord Smith described the mascot as the "cheeky but friendly face" of the Games.

He added: "The Glasgow 2014 Mascot has been created for young people, and what better way to do that than through having a competition for those young people to design it. It is important that young people are at the heart of the Games, Beth’s design captured the imagination and the spirit of not only the Games but also of Glasgow and Scotland."

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