Stanley Baxter explains how to Parliamo Glasgow for Hogmanay

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Parliamo Glasgow was one of the most enduring sketches invented by Scottish comedy legend Stanley Baxter.

Now that Stanley is making a rare return to the small screen for Christmas, here's a classic Parliamo sketch from stv's 1988 Hogmanay show.

The ‘Parliamo Glasgow’ act was honed in llive reviews at the Citizen's Theatre before Stanley adapted it for television.

The brilliant sketches were a take on the traditionally dry language programmes made by the BBC such as Parliamo Italiano ("Let’s speak Italian"). They showed well spoken English presenters cutting away from local conversations to explain the vernacular in wildly flowering terms.

Baxter’s beautifully tongue in cheek versions, he takes some typical Glasgow settings and colourfully explains the "Gaelic", "Indian" and "Italian" words the locals might use in everyday speech, to great comic effect. Part of the fun is the way the words are spelled, indicated in on screen captions which themselves went on to become bumper and window stickers

Perhaps the most famous concerns a visit to a local market where he asks trader "Izatamarraonyerbarra, Clara?" He then translates it into plain English as: "Is that a marrow on your barrow, Clara?"

Another introduced the Glaswegian word "Sanoffy", as in "Sanoffy cold day" ("It's an awfully cold day").

In this example, from 1988, a typical Glasgow Hogmanay scene is deconstructed by Stanley with fine support from Dorothy Paul and Eileen McCallum (Isabelle from Take the High Road).

In the new tv special, the 82-year-old Scottish comedy legend will be supported by guest appearances from Rory Bremner, Eddie Izzard, Paul O'Grady and Victoria Wood.